New BolZip® multipurpose bags are perfect to preserve, divide, store and transport food hermetically. BolZip® protects its content, by blocking out the air and locking in freshness for longer periods without mixing odors and flavors. BolZip® helps you organize your home saving time, space and money.

Fridge y Freezer

BolZip® is perfect for freezing portions and keeping all kinds of food with the freshness of the first day and without freezer burns. You can store food for longer and organize your refrigerator and freezer in less space. Preserve fish, meat, chicken, vegetables, fruits, etc. Saving with BolZip® means less wasted food and money because you can store and consume whenever you want.


BolZip® is super convenient as it is suitable for microwave use (except small sandwich bags), allowing defrosting or heating food in seconds. They are perfect for dividing and storing food in portions, so you don't have to defrost and cook in excess avoiding food waste.


BolZip® mantains freshness like the first day. Its exclusive hermetic zipper system locks out the air keeping food dry and crunchy for much longer. It is ideal for preserving cookies, nuts, potato chips, pretzels, snacks, etc.

Lunch packs

BolZip® with hermetic zipper system is the most practical and safe way to transport your food. Is perfect for storing your lunch and carry to work, prepare your kids meal for school, organize a picnic, etc.


BolZip® is perfect for organizing, storing and transporting all kinds of items such as cosmetics, personal hygiene items, medicines, school supplies, jewelry, tools, clothing, footwear, etc.