BolZip® airtight bags with Easy Slider Large x4u

BolZip® multipurpose bags with Easy Slider lock are perfect for preserving, serving, storing and transporting food in airtight way. BolZip® technology protects the content, blocks the air and locks the freshness for longer without mixing smells or altering flavors. In addition, its Sliding Lock allows you to open and close the bags more quickly and easily. They are suitable for microwave use, allowing you to defrost or heat food in seconds. Also ideal to freeze portions and preserve all kinds of food in refrigerators and freezers. BolZip® keeps food fresh like the first day avoiding moisture inside cupboards and are also perfect to store your lunch and take away to work, school, picnic, etc. They are also very useful to organize, store and transport all kinds of items, such as cosmetics, personal hygiene items, medicines, school supplies, jewelry, tools, clothing, footwear and more.

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